About Chris

Over 30 Years of Experience...

Chris has over 30 years experience in the detailing industry. He's been Certified and Skills Validated with the International Detailing Association. Working as a manager/trainer/ consultant for the past 15 years. 

Updating, training, consulting and developing SOP's for various accounts such as TRS - California, Surface Specialist on Mike Phillips TV show "Competition Ready, to Event Specialist for Nissan Titan press release.

Has been a member of several professional, educational and  consulting organizations across the country. 

Each year, he attends a variety of webinars, conferences and events to better help clients with their efficiency processes.   

Now Chris has added educating to his long list of detailing accomplishments. Be it Professional Detailers or enthusiast,  his online class will give anyone the core knowledge of detailing. In fact, this is the basic principle of writing the book Detailers Dictionary.